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Shandong Vesteon Automotive Parts (Group) Co., Ltd consists of three manufacturing plants, vesteon tyre, vesteon alloy wheel and vesteon car batteries. 

Vesteon Tyre Company specializes in designing, manufacturing and supplying a variety of tyres. Vesteon Tyre was set up in April 1998, which crrently occupies over 150,000 square meters, with around 800 staff, and 14% technical people among them. Vesteon Tyre makes a variety of heavy-duty truck tyres, light truck tyres, OTR tyres, passenger car tyres, agricultural tyres, foklift tyres, and so forth. At the moment only the capacity of passenger tyre can reach 4.5 million pieces per year.    

Vesteon Alloy Wheel company established in Aug. 2000 in Shandong province, of china, which is over 100,000 square meters, with more than 700 staff, total investment is about 100 million USD, production capacity reaches 3 million pieces annually. We can manufacture a variety of wheels from 4 inches up to 30 inches, with different finish and different style. 

Vesteon alloy wheel company has the world first-class manufacturing equipments introduced from Germany and most qualified staff from the renowned institutions. The production always conforms to ISO/9001 quality management system, all the products have to pass the evaluation of American SFI , German TUV and Japanese VIA 

Vesteon Battery Company founded in 1996, which is specializing in lead-acid batteries and maintenance free batteries for automotive start-up. Vesteon Battery Company occupies over 175,000 square meters land with more than 1000 staff, the total asset is more than 100 million USD. Now Vesteon Battery has Plastic Container Moulding, Plate Making, Assembling and Power Charging system, which is fit out with more than 158 sets of the world class advanced equipments. The production line can produce more than 45 different specifications of lead-acid and maintenance free batteries from the size of 32Ah up to 250Ah, with annual production capacity more than 600 million pieces. 

With more than decades of business running, Vesteon group has business cooperation with clients not only from Chinese domestic market, but also huge clients from The American countires, like the United States, Brazil, mexico, customers from the Europen countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Noway, and customers from the Africa, Middle Ease, and even more customers from around the world.

“Quality oriented, Customer focused, International market driven” is always our business philosophy, We are striving to be the best product, the best service, and the best price, reliable suppliers in the world. We, vesteon group, warmly welcome business partners home and abroad come for business cooperation.


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